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We are a socially responsible company, updating every day to be at the forefront in the products, services and new technologies we offer, giving our customers a comprehensive product and service of quality, in time and form, adhering to the current regulations and its regulations. The services that We offer are based on applicable guidelines under a continuous improvement scheme.

Our values






Our organization

In our organization new technologies and constant training for our company is a very important point to ensure our customers the reliability and quality of our services and products. The achievements of our company are the results of the combined effort of each of its workers.


Be a company in growth and constant training, integrating new technologies. To provide integral products and services to our customers and end-users to meet on time and your goals, specifications and requirements, complying with the quality and finishing with success.


Be a leader in services and new technologies, pro-environment. Always innovating and in constant growth according to the needs and opportunities offered by the oil sector and the industry in general, gaining recognition for quality, leadership and professionalism in each of our services.


The policy of Integradora de Servicios del Golfo, S. de R.L. de C.V., is to provide comprehensive products and services through innovation and new technologies, under the quality procedures of our company for the performance of services to ensure the quality and the total satisfaction of the client, with staff experienced and trained, ensuring the professional growth of our employees and of our company.

This is achieved by:

  • Constant training to our staff in the different areas of the company.
  • Department of current Quality standards and regulations.
  • Obtaining and training in new technologies.
  • Courses integration of staff and continuous improvement.
  • Courses of security and protection of the environment.
  • Constant communication and effective with our clients.
  • Integration of audiovisual Systems in place to improve communication between company and customers.
  • Use of information technology to the forefront.

Our services


- Service, Drilling, Repair and Maintenance of Oil Wells, by applying technology, services, and injection of fluids for reactivation and increase of production.


- Integrals services for congenital and residual water treatment, with manufacturing plants, technology and Mexican patent, for use in oil batteries, refineries, transfer centers and processing centers, among other areas.


- Positioning service GPS, and mapping of the surface of seafloor (Mesotech), Bathymetry, mapping of seabed and service ROV.


- Services of purchase, sale, lease, sublease, operation, import, export of machinery, instrumentation, equipment, land vehicles, oil platforms (Jackup’s, Modular Rig and semi-submersible) and/or marine vessels.


- Supply of pipes, valves, fittings, tools, instrumentation and materials for drilling equipment and in general for the energy sector.


- Integral cleaning services of separators and/or pipelines applying products with biotechnology that removes residues of hydrocarbons and derivatives thereof, removing the explosivity in a safe and biodegradable way and thus avoiding the use of methods such as nitrogen injection and boiler use.


- Automated systems of audio, video, lighting and control, for rooms, conferencing, boardrooms, conference rooms, collaborative, regional centers for emergency care (CRAE), rooms C4 and C5.


- Integral services that includes supply, testing and commissioning of gas systems and fire systems, Firefighting, measurement, control of variables, and automation of processes.


- Purchase, sale, development, integration and infrastructure services in Technology of the Information, telecommunications networks, UTP cable, fiber optic systems, video conferencing, integration of hardware and software solutions.

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Let us know what is the problem or question that you have and advise as soon as possible, we will always have a consultant available for you, don't hesitate we are here to serve you in an easy and simple way.

Address: Avenida Camarón No. 95, Colonia Justo Sierra, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico, C. P. 24114


Phone: (938) 1121707

ISG is a socially responsible company and committed to caring for the environment.

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